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The NCLEX has a new question formats

 Crushnclex Advising Team

 12 Nov 2018


The NCLEX now has new question formats that can also consist of tables, charts, graphs, audio clips, and images or pictures, in addition to narrative questions. The alternative and new format questions are:

  • Multiple response questions ask you to select all the responses that are correct. You will have to choose more than one correct answer. You will not get any credit for a correct response if you do not answer with ALL of the possible correct answers.

    Fill in the blank questions ask you to fill in the correct answer to a calculation that you must calculate.

  • Hot spot questions ask you to find and click on the “hot spot” or the specific area that
    shows the spot that the question is asking you to identify.

    Ordered response questions ask you to use the computer mouse and then drag and
    drop items on a list in the correct sequential order.

    Multimedia audio questions require you to listen to a sound using your earphones and identify it.

  • Graphic questions require you to select the correct picture or graphic from a list of
    pictures or graphics rather than word choices.

  • Exhibit or chart questions that require you to review provided materials in order to
    respond to a multiple choice question.

Do not worry much, we’ve got you covered. Our NCLEX question bank consists of all these types of questions formats to get you ready for your exam day.


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