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5 important things to keep in mind when studying for the NCLEX

 Crushnclex Advising Team

 30 Jun 2021


 I get it. I know you are stressed about this test just like everyone else taking the NCLEX. But here are 5 most important things you must keep in mind when studying for the NCLEX.

  1. Have an appropriate study area. – Set aside a place most like where you will be taking the test. An area of no distractions (no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or phone, TV) and sit at a desk. Only use the computer when studying for a practice test.

  2. Make a schedule. – Set aside a reasonable amount of time 4-5 days per week for test prep only. Break your studies into categories of nursing and stick to a single category a day. Don’t overwhelm or overload. Feeling guilty about not getting something done won’t help your general testing attitude.

  3. Focus. – Studying for extended periods of time with short, scheduled breaks will keep you focused and improve your ability to concentrate on test day. Plan for two-hour periods with 15-minute breaks and you will recreate the testing conditions exactly.

  4. Read all the answers. – Whether you get the question wrong or right, reading the answers broadens your understanding of why the way you answered was correct or not. It is also a means of reinforcing the questions you get right.

  5. Know the concepts. – The point of the NCLEX exam is to apply nursing theories and judgment. You don’t need to memorize an endless string of diagnoses or medications but understand symptoms and drug classes and how to apply the knowledge to benefit the patient. The only facts we suggest you memorize completely are normal lab values. They have set highs and lows and can help you to determine disease process questions.


While taking and passing the NCLEX exam is the next major hurdle, relaxing and having a little fun is important too. You have finished nursing school, a major achievement. Take a little time to care for yourself. Having a positive attitude and a rested mind and body counts towards your success too.


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